• MS-Trade Concept
  • MS-Trade Concept
  • MS-Trade Concept
  • MS-Trade Concept


MS-Trade Concept designs and delivers complete and compact lines, as well as single machines and process equipments.

Furthermore, we planify and carry out line, machines and equipments maintenance work and overhauling for well known manufacturers.
  • Conventional conveyors for bottles (glass and PET), cans, jars, cases, jugs, cardboards, trays, palletts, packed convenience food and Airveyors (PET)
  • New and second hand conditionning and packaging machines, in condition or overhauled
  • Process equipments for breweries, dairies, siropery, pharma and chemical industries (fabrication, filtration, cleaning, etc)
  • Mixer and Carbonators for Production of sparkling water and Soft Drinks
  • Cap feeder
  • Machines for cleaning and filling of Kegs, Party Kegs and Bottles
  • Micro-breweries 50 - 300L and accessories
  • Breweries 5 - 20Hl and accessories
  • Spare and format parts for machines, packaging lines and process equipments
  • Instruments for Quality controls in Malting Plants (Laboratory screening machines, Friabilimeters) and Breweries (Beer-Saccharimeters, Brix - Saccharimeters...)
  • Kegs Euro or DIN, new and second hand and accessories